Our Products

Prescription Drugs

Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Natural Extracts and FMCG Consumables

Our wide range of Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Natural Extracts and FMCG Consumables products also include:
- Gelatin
- Coenzyme Q10
- Omega 3 Fish Lipid Oil (Natural and Esterified/ Chemically Modified)
- Vitamin B12
- Marigold Extract
- Ginseng Extract
- Lutein Powder
- Vitamin K2
- Grapeseed Extract
- Cocoa Powder

Industrial Goods

Our wide range of Industrial Goods also include:
- Industrial Roller Chain
- Cutting Blades
- Plastic Granules
- Jelly Glue
- Emery Grinding Sheet

Car Factory

Landholding Products

Our wide range of Landholding Products also include:
- Imported Marble
- Furniture
- Natural Wood